Edenmap provides a standardized address for everyone anywhere in the world

Using Edenmap solution helps every people in the world to get a standardized address, it means with a street name and a number in the street in accordance with addressing standards. The solution is aimed to States, cities and private companies helping them to organize or make more efficient their public services or business.

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The solution is composed by an assisted streets coding and buildings addressing solution and an interface for automatically generating nominative addresses through various media (web or mobile phone…).

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Fast Implementation

Addressing a city takes a few hours, and a country a few days. It all depends on its size of course!

Compliant to Standards

The system is compliant with international standards (S42 Certification). It offers an address consisting of a street name, a number in the lane and a postal code.


Deploying a city's addressing system is very cheap. The natural extension of this solution is the physical implementation. We work with partners: contact us!


The solution is available for both small and large cities, but also for slums and informal settlements. It's worth to fight for social and economic inclusion!

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